Meet the baker

Helen founded 'The Singing Baker' in 2019 and has been baking ever since. She is self taught and works from her home kitchen in Bournemouth.

 "I believe that every one should be able to access beautiful bespoke cakes, it really makes an event so much more special. Whether its a intimate birthday, party or a grand wedding, I can provide you with a creation that's perfect in every way". 

Why are you named 'The Singing Baker'?

"Many customers have asked the question, why are you called 'The Singing Baker'. Well, this is purely down to my wonderful Fianc√© coming up with the name one Friday evening. Part of my year is spent onboard today's ocean liners as a production vocalist, singing in shows most evenings. When I'm not travelling the world, my creative outlet is baking - and I really love it! It's something I have always wanted to do and I am so very glad 'The Singing Baker' exists today!"